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Alastair Lang


I am 32 years old. I have taught all Sciences at GCSE and Biology at A level in a Secondary school for the last 2 years after completing my PGCE and M.Ed from Cambridge University but I have tutored for 10 years. I also taught EFL in Russia. I am currently a freelance tutor of the Sciences, Maths and EFL. I have taught all age groups from children to adults. I like to use a variety of techniques to engage with the individual learner. I have also taught children and adults with special educational needs.


  • Ph.D Proteomic Technologies. Glasgow University.
  • M.Ed Science and Practise. Cambridge University.
  • PGCE Science with Biology. Cambridge University.
  • M.Res Proteomic Technologies with Merit. Glasgow University.
  • BSc Hons Anatomy 2.1. Glasgow University.
  • University L1 (Eq. to A level+): Forensic Sciences, Maths, Economics, Computer Science, Chemistry and various biology modules.
  • A Levels: Biology, Physics and Economics
  • cTEFL Cambridge Certified


Biology - GCSE (£36.00)
Biology - A Level (£43.00)
Biology - Higher than A Level (£55.00)
Chemistry - GCSE (£36.00)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - GCSE (£36.00)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - A Level (£36.00)
Human Biology - Higher than A Level (£43.00)
Human Biology - A Level (£36.00)
Mathematics - GCSE (£36.00)
Physics - GCSE (£36.00)


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