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Wijaya Sandaruwan Jayakodi


MBA and CIMA qualified management accountant with five years of international experience excellent leadership in to personal analytical and consulting skills demonstrating with manufacturing. Worked with clients including Nike, Reebok, Marker and Spencer , Ann Taylor, Dim Play Tex, adidas, Banana Republic, Lane Bryant and Limited.At present I am a private tutor with Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Limited-London and working as a freelance management consultant.


  • MBA from University of Sunderland
  • CIMA qualified management accountant - ACMA
  • Postgraduate Advance Diploma in Management Studies-Edexcel Level 07 BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma
  • Yellow Belt Sensei in Lean Methodology awarded from The MOS Central Examination Committee.
  • Following online B.Sc (special) in subjects of Physics, Statistics and Information Technology with University of Rajarata - Sri Lanka


Accountancy - A Level (£35.00)
Accountancy - Higher than A Level (£40.00)
Business Studies - GCSE (£30.00)
Business Studies - A Level (£35.00)
Business Studies - Higher than A Level (£40.00)
Economics - A Level (£35.00)
Mathematics - GCSE (£30.00)
Mathematics - 11+ (£30.00)
Physics - GCSE (£30.00)


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