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Leigh Burnett


Hello, I am currently a Masters student studying Psychological Research (focusing in language development) at University College London. I majored in both Philosophy and Psychology from Boston University in May 2013, and graduated with a 3.82/4.0 GPA. My areas of specialty are epistemology, metaphysics, and cognitive psychology.


  • -Masters of Science in Psychological Research, University College London (September 2014)
  • -Bachelors of the Arts in Philosophy, Boston University (May 2013)
  • -Bachelors of the Arts in Psychology, Boston University (May 2014)
  • -Research Assistant, Boston University (September 2011 to May 2013); Reading Development
  • -Research Assistant, University College London (November 2013); Multimodal Language


Philosophy - A Level (£15.00)
Philosophy - Higher than A Level (£15.00)
Psychology - A Level (£20.00)
Psychology - Higher than A Level (£20.00)
USA SATs - Higher than A Level (£20.00)
USA SATs - Other (£20.00)


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