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Posted on: 16/08/2012

A pioneering new online tutoring service has recently launched that will revolutionise the delivery of personalised, home-based learning. And this is not just for mainstream subjects like English and Maths, you can potentially learn about anything at any time from the comfort of your own home., established by Nevil Chiles of Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Ltd has been in development for two and a half years. It allows teachers and tutors to deliver personalised lessons to students using the internet.

Nevil, who has worked within education both in the UK and abroad for over two decades, explained: "This is the first online tutorial resource that has been specially designed to exactly mimic the experience of a one-to-one lesson without leaving home. This is NOT Skype, we have written the software specifically to do the job. It has all the facets of a live lesson but teacher and pupil could be on opposite sides of the planet! It is the result of two years of hard work."

Teacher and pupil can see and hear each other, share and annotate documents and ‘write' on documents using a specialised mouse. There is a virtual notepad, Open Office to work with popular document formats; the list of innovations goes on.

The new site features a number of informative videos that clearly explain the process for both tutors and pupils.

"Initial feedback from both students and tutors has been immensely positive. Home visits for private lessons will continue but I firmly believe that this offers an excellent alternative for the delivery of private learning."

After registering, each tutor and student receives a set of equipment that includes a headset, a webcam and a mouse pad with specialised mouse that is used like a pen. There is no software to download as the system is entirely web based but files and documents can be safely and securely shared online between tutor and student.

"The ethos behind is more than just to provide a way of delivering lessons online, it is also to create a social network for learning. The tutors set their own rates of pay and you can study their profiles and availability to select the tutor that best fits your needs. It offers all the subjects you would expect but really the sky's the limit, both in subject matter and the location of teachers and students," added Nevil who set up Kensington & Chelsea Tutors in 2002.

One of the first tutors to use the system gave it a definite thumbs up. Angad Rihal, who provides tuition in Maths (amongst other subjects) commented, "Webtutornet offers an innovative method for delivering lessons to students. As a tutor it provides me with unrivalled flexibility and helps to incorporate technology and IT into private teaching."

As Adrian Chiles, who hosts the site's video content, says, "Learn about anything, at anytime, anywhere. It's just like having a personal tutor at home, virtually!"

For more details visit or follow on Twitter @webtutornet.

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