Posted on: 13/09/2013


Private tuition really can deliver the desired results!

A snapshot survey of around 50 tutors and pupils, conducted following the
latest round of GCSE and A Level results by Kensington & Chelsea Tutors and
associated online platform Webtutornet, has revealed that private tuition
can boost predicted results by at least two clear grades.

In just under 80% of cases pupils studying for GCSEs, A Levels and AS Levels
have seen a significant increase on the results they were expecting prior to
embarking on a period of private tuition.

Nevil Chiles, who founded K&C Tutors in 2002 and Webtutornet in 2012,
commented: "There's a clear trend here that reveals the impact of private
tuition that is delivered either face to face or through online sessions.

"Pupils that were predicted a C or D in specific subjects by their school
were able to achieve an A or B following at least five sessions of private
tuition and that is despite the myriad of changes imposed on their education
in recent years.

"The one to one learning approach, delivered by qualified and fully vetted
tutors, gives pupils more time to digest and understand complex issues that
were perhaps not made completely clear within the classroom environment,"
added Nevil who has also seen an increase in pupils and their parents
requesting an online tuition variation delivered through Webtutornet.

"Clearly online tuition is the way forward with more and more of today's
media savvy Facebook generation of young people opting for private tuition
delivered using a safe and secure online approach such as that offered by
Webtutornet," concluded Nevil who has worked within the education sector for
well over two decades.

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