How it works - Fees

In order to use either as a teacher or a student you must first register. Registration is simple. Firstly, just click on either the Start Learning or Start Teaching buttons either here or above, fill in the form and pay the Registration Fee.

Registration Fees

Registration currently costs £50 for both students and teachers.

Once you have filled in the registration form and paid the fee you will be sent your equipment. You will also be entitled to unlimited use of the site.

Lesson Fees

Lessons are charged at an hourly rate clearly displayed by each tutor on their individual profile page. allows individual teachers / tutors to set their own hourly rates for lessons. The site adds a usage fee to this amount. The current usage fee is 30%. The price displayed on each tutor's profile is the price a student will pay per hour. The usage fee is included in the displayed price.

Tutors are paid via paypal and will receive their money no more than thirty days following a lesson; usually less.