How it works - Equipment

Following Registration will send you some equipment for use with the site. This comprises the following:

The webtutornet webcam


We have had the webcam specially built to our specifications. It is an 8 MP (Mega Pixel) camera mounted on a long flexible arm with a suction cup at the base for securing it to smooth surfaces. As many computers now have built in webcams the camera can be used in isolation or in conjunction with an extant camera. Users can swop from one one to the other during a lesson. The long neck allows the camera to be manipulated in such a way that it can capture live writing with ease. This allows users to use a conventional pen and paper as a teaching tool; particularly useful for subjects such as Maths where typing formulae etc. is time consuming and difficult.

The webtutornet mousepenSpecialised Mouse

The special mouse we provide is used like a pen but has the same functionality as a mouse, with two buttons for left and right click. When used in conjunction with the Xournal software provided on the shared desktop the mouse is designed to make 'writing' on documents easier. Using Xournal and the mouse, pdf documents can be 'written' or 'drawn' on live and those changes can be saved. This is an excellent tool for going through documents such as examination papers during a lesson.

Three Port USB HubWebtutornet USB hub

This is the latest addition to the Webtutornet equipment. With computers tending to have fewer built-in USB ports the team at webtutornet decided to include this small port to prevent the need to keep switching cables. This helps lessons to run smoothly with no interruptions.

The webtutornet headset


The headset provided is USB and plug-and-play so it is universally compatible.

Mouse Mat

The mouse mat provided contains a small magnet which allows the user to stand the 'mouse' conveniently when not in use.

Portable Storage Box

The equipment comes neatly packaged in a resilient, foam-lined storage box. Users can take their equipment with them wherever they go. All you then need to participate in a lesson is a computer that is connected to the Internet.