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Stuart Haylock


My name is Stuart Haylock and I'm a PhD student in Chemical Biology at Imperial College London. I specialise in tutoring GCSE Biology, Chemistry & Physics, and A-Level Biology and Chemistry, though I have previously done tutoring outside of these including primary school and mature student tutoring. I have two master's degrees (MRes and MSci) both from Imperial College, and I have been tutoring for about two years now, tutoring whole subjects as well as purely preparing for exams.


  • Current PhD student at Imperial College London working in the field of Chemical Biology
  • MRes Chemical Biology of Health and Disease at Imperial College London (2.1)
  • MSci Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at Imperial College London (2.2)
  • A-levels Biology, Chemistry, Maths (A's)
  • AS-level Psychology (A)
  • GCSEs (13 A*-A's)


Biology - GCSE (£35.00)
Biology - A Level (£35.00)
Chemistry - GCSE (£35.00)
Chemistry - A Level (£35.00)
Mathematics - GCSE (£35.00)
Physics - A Level (£35.00)


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