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Lawrence Elsdon-Dew


I am friendly and kind but passionate about pushing my students to fulfil their potential. I normally have two priorities. As results improve drastically when students want to learn, the first task is always to try and show how the subject can be interesting and enjoyable. Secondly, it is crucial to understand the particular exam itself and what exactly is required and looked for. Therefore, as exams vary and no two people are the same, I always adapt my lessons to suit the needs of each particular student.


  • BA (Oxford University)
  • Theology: 2.1
  • A-Levels (Tonbridge School)
  • Maths: A*
  • English Literature: A*
  • Religious Studies: A*
  • Government and Politics: A*
  • GCSE's (Tonbridge School)
  • Maths: A*
  • History: A*
  • French: A*
  • Religious Studies: A*
  • Chemistry: A*
  • Biology: A*
  • Physics: A*
  • Drama: A*
  • English Literature: A*
  • English Language: A


English - 11+ (£40.00)
English Literature - GCSE (£45.00)
English Literature - A Level (£50.00)
History - GCSE (£45.00)
Mathematics - GCSE (£45.00)
Oxbridge Entrance - Higher than A Level (£55.00)
Politics - A Level (£50.00)
Religious Studies - GCSE (£45.00)
Religious Studies - A Level (£50.00)
Religious Studies - Higher than A Level (£55.00)
Writing a Personal Statement - Other (£40.00)


Not available