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Tomaso Muzzu


I am a PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at Imperial College London. I trained as engineer and specialised in neurotechnology (MSc). I participate in the academic activity of the Department of Bioengineering working as teaching assistant in several courses for 1st-, 3rd-, 4th-year and MSc students. These include programming, maths, electrical engineering, (mathematical) modelling in biology, computational neuroscience, etc.


  • PhD candidate in Computational Neuroscience
  • MSc in Bioengineering - Neurotehnology
  • BEng in Biomedical Engineering


Biology - A Level (£25.00)
Computer Programming - A Level (£25.00)
Computer Programming - Higher than A Level (£30.00)
Human Biology - A Level (£25.00)
Information Technology - A Level (£25.00)
Mathematics - A Level (£25.00)
Mathematics - 11+ (£25.00)
Physics - A Level (£25.00)
Physics - GCSE (£25.00)

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