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Ana Amador


I am a dedicated individual with a passion for science and the teaching of science. As a tutor I strive to promote and aid learning of struggling concepts within topics of the subjects I teach. I can precisely understand, aid and promote individual learning needs and always aim to identify, establish, devise and utilize the most appropriate learning methods to engage, motivate and promote a student's academic progress. Friendly, approachable and professional manner which builds excellent rapport.


  • BSc (hons) Biology/Zoology
  • Biology -A Level
  • Chemistry - A Level
  • French - A Level
  • Portuguese - A Level
  • English Lit - A Level
  • Drama - AS Level


Biology - GCSE (£27.00)
Biology - A Level (£30.00)
Biology - Higher than A Level (£35.00)
Chemistry - GCSE (£27.00)


Not available