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Kelly Chan


Hello! My name is Kelly, and I am currently a postgraduate student at UCL pursing my MSc in Developmental Clinical Psychology. I have had experience teaching many subjects such as Psychology, Chemistry, Mathematics and the Sciences, and am very keen to spend my free time helping you in whatever you may need! As a child clinical psychologist-to-be, I also love interacting and teaching children and young people, in hope to inspire them and help them find their passion in learning!


  • Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy - 'A' levels
  • BSc Psychology, USA
  • MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice, UCL, UK (at present)


Biology - GCSE (£35.00)
Biology - A Level (£35.00)
Chemistry - Higher than A Level (£35.00)
Chemistry - A Level (£35.00)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - GCSE (£40.00)
Mandarin - GCSE (£45.00)
Mandarin - A Level (£45.00)
Music Theory - Other (£35.00)
Psychology - A Level (£35.00)
Psychology - Higher than A Level (£35.00)
Special Educational Needs (SEN) - Other (£35.00)
Writing a Personal Statement - Other (£35.00)


Not available