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Kate Stonehill


Kate graduated with honours in May 2012 from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC. She has worked in journalism and education, working as a tutor and an educational consultant alongside her MSc at the LSE. She has tutored students between the ages of ten and eighteen, helping them achieve the necessary scores for admission to top universities in the U.K. and U.S.


  • • MSc Gender Studies, LSE (Expected September 2013)
  • • BSc International Politics, Latin American Studies (May 2012)
  • • Awarded the William Manger Best Undergraduate Thesis Prize in Latin American Studies
  • • American School in London (Graduated May 2007)


English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - Higher than A Level (£40.00)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - A Level (£40.00)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - GCSE (£40.00)
English for Academic Purposes - Other (£40.00)
Politics - A Level (£40.00)
Politics - Higher than A Level (£60.00)
Spanish - A Level (£40.00)
Spanish - GCSE (£40.00)
USA SATs - Higher than A Level (£60.00)
USA SATs - Other (£60.00)
Verbal Reasoning - 11+ (£40.00)


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