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Felicia Bamgbose


I am currently studying Graduate Medicine at Imperial College London. I have been working with children in some form or another for almost ten years. I began teaching gymnastics and hockey to children and have also worked for three years part time as a support worker for a child with autism. I have been tutoring for the last two years and aim to encourage every individual to achieve their potential by using teaching methods and analogies best suited to them.


  • 9 A*s at GCSE
  • A Level Maths - A grade
  • A Level Biology - A grade
  • A Level Chemistry - A grade
  • A Level Religious Studies - A grade
  • Natural Sciences BSc Hons - 2,1 from Durham University
  • Level one gymnastics coaching
  • Level one hockey coaching


Biology - GCSE (£39.00)
Biology - A Level (£45.00)
English - 11+ (£30.00)
Mathematics - 11+ (£30.00)
Mathematics - GCSE (£39.00)
Non-Verbal Reasoning - 11+ (£30.00)
Verbal Reasoning - 11+ (£30.00)


Not available