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Emilie Jarrett


Born and grew up in France. Attended a bilingual school. Completed Bachelors and Masters degrees. Currently working part-time and tutoring. 2+ years' experience tutoring French, English language and literature, including conversation classes and revision and essay-writing sessions. Experience tutoring clients with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Previous experience working as an au pair, peer mentor (while at university), workshop facilitator and intern for school-based citizenship programme.


  • IGCSE English language - A
  • IGCSE English literature - A
  • IGCSE History - A*
  • French baccalauréat littéraire with International Option (English) - mention très bien (subjects: Philosophy, French literature, English literature, History/Geography, Maths/IT, Further Maths, Sciences, German, Italian, Physical Education and Project)
  • BA English from the University of Bristol - 2:1
  • MA Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) - Merit
  • German Sprachdiplom Zweite Stufe


English Language - A Level (£45.00)
English Language - GCSE (£43.00)
English Literature - Higher than A Level (£45.00)
English Literature - GCSE (£43.00)
English Literature - A Level (£45.00)
French - GCSE (£43.00)
French - A Level (£45.00)
French - Higher than A Level (£45.00)
Writing a Personal Statement - Other (£25.00)


Not available